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Diary 10

Monday, May 7, 2012 Meeting Discusses 9 and 11. But first I want to share my experience prior to college.Today as usual I woke up at 05 am and when I opened the window to see rain pouring down so I decided to wait for the rain to stop before heading off to college, Once after waiting for hours finally the rain stopped at 07:18 and I decided to go though the sky was overcast but ih … Why else would the trip once a big rain, because rain soaked clothes sehinggi made me take shelter and wait for hours.Today I went at 09:40 and 10:46 hours the rain had eased, although still drizzling yaudah I decided to go and I finally joined a replacement class for being late.And summarize the results today are as follows:
Ninth meetingMain ideaThe Definition of geyserThe Proccess of geysersThe Condition of geysers to functionFavorarable conditions for geyser

Eleventh meetingA. The traditional American family2. The most recent Government relatives cencus3. The Several Reasons the single parent4. In Addition, Because many families live far from


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