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Diary 6

As usual I will make a diary English For IT II, and at the meeting this time the theme was History of New York City, the following is a summary :

Among the large group of settlers are multilingual English colony of Connecticut and Massachusetts that supports the claim the King of England for all of New Holland set out in the charter that gave the territory to his brother James, Duke of New York. In 1644, when Britain sent warships to the harbor formidablefleet New Amsterdam, the Dutch governor Peter Stuyvesant surrendered without a fight.

When the British acquired the island, the village of New Amsterdam was renamed New York in honor of the Duke. With the Revolution, New York City has become a bustling trade center. After the war, he was elected as the first capital of the United States. Although the government has finally moved, first to Philadelphia then to Washington, DC, New York maintain its status. It became a haven for pirates, who conspired with leading merchants to exchange supplies for their ships in exchange for shares in the loot. As a colony, New York exchanged a lot of agricultural products for British manufactured goods. In addition, the prosperous trade with the West Indies. Three centuries after the beginning of trade with Native Americans, a small investment that is more valuable Minuit that seven billion dollars.

The main idea of paragraph 1 : Description of A History of New York City

The main idea of paragraph 2 : Tell about how New York City life


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