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Diary 4

On this meeting, Miss Sloria ordered two students to presenting. There are Surya and Vegge. Surya presented about Alfred Bernhard Nobel. Vegge also presented the same topics. Although they presented the same topics, their presented was very good.

and on this occasion I learned about the Scientific Classification of Insects, and the following is a summary :

Adult insect body is divided into three parts, including head, chest of three segments, and a segmented abdomen. Typically, the thorax bears three pairs of legs and a pair of single or double wing. Features of the insect’s mouth parts are used in classifying into the types of insects.

Located behind the jaw maxillae, or the lower jaw, which serves to direct food into the mouth between the jaws. Function in insects with sucking mouth, jaws, maxillae, labrum, and labium is modified such that it is a tube through which liquid such as water, blood, or the nectar of flowers can be drawn.

Proboscis of insects can be flexed and extended to reach the nectar deep inside flowers. In mosquitoes or aphids, jaw and maxillae modified for insect stylets with the sharp can browse through the membrane surface like human skin or vegetable juice to achieve.

Insects, being the most on our planet, they are also the most adaptable. They need less food because they are small. They can easily find shelter and protection in small crevices in trees and surface geologic formations. Insect species can evolve rapidly because of their rapid reproductive cycle, they live in every climate, some make their home in the frozen Arctic and many others to choose the environment, humid rainy warm, nutrient-rich forests. Active part of the cycle of natural food, insects provide nutrition for the animals and eat the waste products of other life forms.

The main idea of paragraph 1 : The body of an adult insect is subdivided into three sections

The main idea of paragraph 2 : Features of an insect’s mouth parts are used in classifying insects into types

The main idea of paragraph 3 : Insects, the most numerous creatures on our planet, are also them most adaptable


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