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PO English For IT 2

Objective Assessment

Semester : Genap
Year academic : 2011 – 2012
Class code : SKS Value : 3 SKS
Subject : English for IT II Day, Time :
Lecturer : Dwi Sloria S, S. Pd NIM :
Type of assignment : Tugas Mandiri Student Name :
Code Name : DSS-TM-002
Lecturer : Dwi Sloria Suharti, S. Pd
Project Title : Individual Assignment
Type of Project : Tugas Mandiri
Result / Output 1. To build a good conduct of a student ‘s learning style2. To make the class lively3. To make a better understanding of the lessons4. To motivate the student use English out of the class5. To create a scientific atmosphere in the campus environment
Data Specifications :  English Module, Google, English Grammar book
Key word :  TOEFL Learning

Assessment Table



Value Score
1. Always attend the class and come on time, have >50% battery ipad 200 200
2. Make journals related to material being Studied   100 100
3. Presentation in front of the class 2x 100
4. Do all quizzes given 50 50
5. Communicate in English 5 x through hotmail live@edu in lecturer’s wall 50 50
6. Contribute in poster session 100 100
7. Follow 2 trainings which are held by REC 100 100
8. Make a collaborative journal 50
9. Make a research grant 50
10. Submit project report on time 200
Total 1000 1000

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