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PTI Quiz Pertemuan 9

Pengantar teknologi informasi

Pertemuan 9

1. Communication channel = media on which data, instructions, on informations travel

Jawab : B

2. Internet telephony = Sound Over IP

Jawab : S

3. Web services are software that allow people to share information

Jawab : S

4. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) connects LANs in city or town

Jawab : B

5. Peer-to-peer network is simple network that connects more than 10 computers

Jawab : S

6. This is a picture of bus network

Jawab : S

7. In star network, all data transferred from one computer to another passes through hub

Jawab : B

8. Standard 802.11 Transfer Rates 1 or 2 Mbps

Jawab : B

9. RFID = Radio Frequency Identification

Jawab : B

10. Extranet does not allow customers or suppliers to access part of company’s intranet

Jawab : B


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