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PTI Quiz Pertemuan 11

PTI Quiz Pertemuan 11

1. Physical Transmission media is wire, cable, and other tangible materials used to send communicaton signals

Jawab : B

2. Coaxial cable is used for telephone system and network cabling

Jawab : S

3. Twisted-pair cable is often used for cable television wiring

Jawab : S

4. The picture is twisted-pair wire

Jawab : B

5. Fiber-optic cable is capable of carrying significantly more data at slower speeds than wire cables

Jawab : S

6. Wireless Transmission media is used when incovenient, impractical, or impposible to install cables

Jawab : B

7. Wireless Transmission media includes Bluetoth and IrDA

Jawab : B

8. Cellular radio is form of broadcast radio distributes radio signals over long and and short distance

Jawab : B

9. Microwave station is Earth-based reflectivw dish used for microwave communicatons

Jawab : B

10. Communications Satellite Space station that receives microwave signals from earth-based stations, amplified signals, and broadcasts signals back to any number of earth-based stations

Jawab : B


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