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Diary 1


Today is February 20, 2012 was the first day I went to college after a long holiday. Incidentally my subject today is English For IT 2 and again that her professor mother sloria bilingual instructor at the time of the first semester and second semester of my friends look very excited in the classroom complete with garnish of new faces and of course new classmates

The first meeting begins with a discussion of  “photosynthesis”Photosynthesis is a biochemical process carried out plants, algae, and some types of bacteria used to produce energy (nutrients) by using light energy. Almost all living things depend on the energy produced in photosynthesis. As a result of photosynthesis becomes very important for life on earth. Photosynthesis is also credited (berjasa) with producing most of the oxygen found in Earth’s atmosphere.

Mother’s last assignment bi sloria summarize, I summarize the results include:
:: Except for the usually small percentage used in respiration, the oxygen released in the process diffuses out of the leaf into the atmosphere through stomates.
:: As a result of this process, radiant energy from the sun is stored as chemical energy.
:: The products of their decomposition are recombined into a new compound, which successively builds up into the more and more complex substances that comprise the plant.
:: This carbohydrate, in turn, is utilized by the plant to generate other forms of energy, such as the long chains of plant cells or polymers that comprise the cellular structures of starches or cellulose.
:: paragrap 1 main idea “description of photosyntesis”:: paragrap 2 main idea “The result of photosyntesis”


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