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1.  What is the author’s main purpose in the passage?

 A.  To propose a theory to explain sunspots

 B.  To describe the nature of sunspots

 C.  To compare the umbra and penumbra in sunspots

 D.  To argue for the existence of magnetic fields in  sunspots

2.   The word controversial in paragraph 1 is closet in  meaning to

      A.  widely accepted          C.  just introduced

      B.  open to debate                        D.  very complicated

3. Solar particles are hurled into space by

      A.  undetermined causes

      B.  disturbances of wind

      C.  small rivers on the surface of the sun

      D.  changes in the Earth’s atmosphere

4. The word particles in paragraph 1 refer to

      A.  gas explosions in the atmosphere

      B.  light rays from the sun

      C.  liquid streams on the sun

      D.  small pieces of matter from the sun

5. How can we describe matter from the sun that enters the Earth’s


     A.   Very small   B.  Very hot   C.  Very bright    D.  Very hard

6. What does the author mean by the statement Actually, the sunspots  are 

     cooler  than  the  rest  of  the  photosphere, which may account for their 

     apparently darker color?

      A.  Neither sunspots nor the photosphere is hot.

      B.  Sunspots in the photosphere do not have any color.

      C.  The color of sunspots could be affected by their temperature.

      D.  The size of a sunspot affects its temperature.

7. The word they in the paragraph 3 refers to

      A.  structure     B.  spots     C.  miles         D.  Granules

8. The word consequently in the paragraph 2 could best be replaced by

      A.  as a result                                    

      B.  nevertheless

      C.  without doubt

      D.  in this way

9. In which configuration do sunspots usually occur?

      A.  In one spot of varying size

      B.  In a configuration of two spots

      C.  In arrangements of one hundred or more spots

      D.  In groups of several thousand spots

10. How are sunspots explained?

            A. Sunspots appear to be related to magnetic fields on the Earth.

  B. Sunspots may be related to magnetic fields that follow


                  lines on the sun.

            C. Sunspots are explained by storms that occur on the Earth.

            D. Sunspots have no theory or model to explain them

 11. The sunspot theory is

      A. not considered very important

      B.  widely accepted

      C.  subject to disagreement

      D.  relatively new

Problem 11   Past Custom Used to and BE Used to



S                 used to              verb word

He              used to                     live              in the country.


     S               BE              used to          -ing form

He            was              used to              living            in the country.



Incorrect: We use to go to the movies quite frequently.

Correct  : We _______used to go______ to the movies quite frequently.


                  We ________were used to going_______ to the movies quite frequently.

Incorrect:  She was used to get up early.

Correct  : She ________used to get up_______ early.


                She was _________used to getting up_______ early.

Incorrect:  He was used to drink too much.

Correct  : He _________used to drink_______ too much.


                He _________was used to drinking_______ too much.

Incorrect:  She used to speaking in public.

Correct  : She ________used to speak________ in public.


                She _________was used to speaking________ in public.

Problem 12  Advisability Had Better


         S         had better     verb word

You       had better            take         chemistry 600 this semester.


        S       had better    not    verb word

      You     had better     not         take          chemistry 600 this semester.


Incorrect:  We had better made reservations so that we will be sure of  getting a good table.

Correct  : We ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­______had better make_________ reservations so that we will be sure of getting a good table.

Incorrect:  We had better to check the schedule.

Correct  : We had better _______chack______ schedule.

Incorrect:  You had better don’t quit your job until you find another one.

Correct  : You had better _______had better not quit______ your job until you find another one.

Incorrect:  You had better don’t go alone.

Correct  : You had better _______not go_______ alone.

Problem 13 Preference Would Rather


S          would rather     verb word

I           would rather            drive.


S          would rather          not     verb word

I           would rather           not          drive.

Incorrect:  If you don’t mind, I’d rather not going.

Correct  : If you don’t mind, _______i’d rather not going________.

Incorrect:  He said that he’d rather went to a small college instead of to a  large university.

Correct  :  He said that ________he’d rather go_______ to a small college instead of to a large university.

Incorrect:  I’d rather writing this than print it because I don’t print well.

Correct  : _______i’d rather write________ this than print it because I don’t print well.

Incorrect:  Greg would rather has a Pepsi than a beer.

Correct  :   Greg _______would rather have________ a Pepsi than a beer.

Problem 14  Preference for Another Would Rather That



S          would rather         that          S       V(past)

I          would rather          that         you      drove.

     S           would rather         that          S           didn’t       verb word

I           would rather          that         you       didn’t             drive.


Incorrect:  Diane would rather that her husband doesn’t working so hard.

Correct  : Diane ___________would rather that her husband doesn’t work____________________ so hard.

Incorrect:  The dean would rather that students make appointments instead of dropping by.

Correct  : The dean ______would rather_________ that ______students made_________ appointments instead of dropping by.

Incorrect:  My roommate would rather that I don’t keep the light on after ten o’clock.

Correct  : My roommate ______would rather________ that _______I don’t keep________ the light on after ten o’clock.

Incorrect:  We’d rather that you should come tomorrow.

Correct  : ________we’d rather______ that _______you camer_______ tomorrow.

Problem 15 Negative Imperatives


   Please don’t        verb word

Please don’t                tell           anyone

            Would you please not        verb word

Would you please not                tell               anyone


Incorrect:  Please don’t to park here.

Correct  : Please ___don’t_______ park here.


                                                                     Would you ______please not______  park here.

Incorrect:  Would you please not to be late

Correct  : Please _____don’t___  be late.


               Would you please _______ not be______ late

Incorrect:  Please don’t  to go yet

Correct  : Please don’t  go yet.


              Would you please not to go yet.

Incorrect:  Would you please don’t worry

 Correct  :  Please ______don’t worry______.


                 Would you _______please not worry______.


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