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MUHAMAD GUNAWAN, born in Tangerang on October 7, 1992. Child-1 (one) of 3 (three) brothers, sons of the couple and Rasta Inong residing in Kampung Desa Tapos Tapos RT 13/05  Tigaraksa Sub District. Tangerang Banten Province.
Venturing education first at kindergarten AL-Quran 1998/1999 forces, armed Wetan Tapos Elementary School in 2004/2005 and then proceed to the SMP Negeri 1 Tigaraksa force in 2007/2008, is now continuing his studies in SMA Negeri 1 Tigaraksa force year 2010/2011
Organizations that have been followed during the school include:
Football in the Kindergarten of Al-Quran
Football, Volleyball, Chess, Scout, and Marawis on SDN Tapos Wetan
Football in SMPN 1 Tigaraksa
Football in SMAN 1 Tigaraksa
Hobbies: playing ball, watching, and he streets.

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2 thoughts on “biography

  1. maybe you could get a football organization that is in college raharja. his name is Raharja FC, ​​we can play together.

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